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Cell Block E

In an attempt to avoid another mass escape from his prison, like that which occurred 20 years ago, the corrupt warden has given Cell Block E a major renovation. He believes he has outsmarted all of the prisoners by installing updated technology & a tear-gas bomb into the maximum-security wing.

But, little does he know, one of his own guards aided in the escape all those years ago, and they are ready to help again.

Can you find all of their clues & escape the evil warden’s grasp before time runs out?

Difficulty - Difficult (30% Success Rate)

Best Suited for groups of 4-10



You & the other passengers are thrilled to embark on a submarine adventure to exotic locales around the world. During your private tour of the bridge, the jovial captain calls on the video monitor to welcome you. His joy quickly turns to frustration as one of the systems malfunctions.

His frustration then turns to fear as he realizes his first mate is locked outside the bridge, unable to initiate the safety sequence. Now it’s up to you & your fellow passengers to close all the water-tight doors on the submarine.

If you fail, the vessel will take on freezing cold water & sink to the bottom of the ocean. The freezing water has already cut off communication with the captain, so you’re on your own. 


The clock is ticking. Work together and seal the doors before your vessel is claimed by the ocean.

Difficulty - Medium (40% Success Rate)

Best Suited for groups of 3-8

Inventor's Workshop

Richard Worthington, a renowned inventor, passed away last night. He was a brilliant man who dedicated his life to helping the people in his little corner of London. When his wife died 2 years ago, everything changed and he became distant and paranoid.

During this period of mental isolation, one thing remained constant: his respect for your team of detectives. In fact, he thought each of you were equal to his own intellect.

Near the end, he became consumed by the fear of dying. He didn’t want his years of work and creations to fall into the wrong hands. He thought all of you were very capable of continuing his own work. But in order to do so, you must find his will before the bank arrives to seize control.

They are on the way, so your time is limited. Worthington was a curious man with a wild imagination, so you’ll find many peculiar items.

Please, don’t let his amazing inventions get in the wrong hands.

Difficulty - Easiest (50% Success Rate)

Best Suited for groups of 2-8

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